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For over 20 years, Emerald City Designs has been planning the perfect parties for couples, companies, and special events! Our team of expert planners and designers take your wants and needs into consideration so that you fall in love with our creation. When you hire Emerald City Designs, you'll get a one-of-a-kind event unlike anything you've ever experienced before! We combine elegance, cutting edge originality, and top-quality equipment - all so your next party or special event goes off without a problem!

We pride ourselves on our quality work, and are proud to say that among our various awards and nominations, we have been named the Best Wedding Planner of The Knot for the last several years. This means you can trust us and our team of designers. This is because our designs are custom, trend-setting, and special - so you'll remember it for years to come!

Party & Event Planning in Romulus

Taking the work out of the event so the bride can truly be the bride and the mother of the bride can be the hostess she needs to be. Hand holding and education are offered throughout the experience and leading to the wedding/event date for a truly memorable and comfortable experience.

From the engagement party to the icing on your wedding cake, Emerald City Designs is experienced in Event Coordination. We can assist you in planning your wedding, or simply cater to you and your family the day of your event. Our commitment: offering the finest of services available through referrals for photographers, entertainment, ceremony and reception locations. Emerald City Designs offers different opportunities in the planning and finalization of your special day.

Corporate Event Planning Companies in Romulus

Event Chairs

From event chairs to the entire event - we have you covered! Expos & Events, a subsidiary service of Emerald City Designs, assists corporate clients with decor for all their exhibiting needs. Whether at a trade show or sales expo, Emerald City Designs will decorate your booth or display with fresh floral arrangements, beautiful green plants or any other custom decor to make you stand out among other exhibitors.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!


Dear Emerald City,

It is with the most sincere gratitude that I write this letter to your team as a result of the tremendous job you executed for our wedding. As a bride, you have endless options as to whom to entrust your special event. It is one day, and you want it to be flawless and be everything you imagined. Emerald City has such a great reputation in the community for doing a wonderful job, that we decided not even to consider any other vendor for our floral, d©cor, and wedding planning needs. This turned out to be a wise decision for us, as Emerald City and team far exceeded our extremely high expectations.

A marker of a great company is the ability to foresee potential problems and then act quickly and responsively to mitigate them. As with any wedding, we experienced hiccups unrelated to Emerald City. Rather than to let things potentially go wrong for my big event, Emerald City quickly collaborated together to ensure that our event was absolutely perfect, even when it meant more work for them or extra efforts / expense not included within my contract. Their goal was our goal, which meant a perfect wedding in every way. They were quick, agile, and responsive to make sure our wedding was all we had dreamed of with 100% zero chance of error. They went well outside the bounds of what any vendor would be expected to do to make sure our day was just perfect, even though this meant more giving on their part to ensure.

As a bride, I am known within my friends, family, and community to have perfectionist style and taste. This put a great deal of stress on me personally, as this was the expectation of my guests to see this perfectionism translated in the form of a wedding. My guests were expecting to be blown away, so I was personally feeling the pressure of this expectation. The d©cor was absolute elegance, style, glamour, drama, and perfect taste that was actualized for our flawless event, thanks to Emerald City. My ceremony room was everything and even more gorgeous than I had even imagined. My reception hall was stunning and beautiful, without being over the top and gaudy. Emerald City truly hit the mark of a highly perfectionist bride, seeking nothing but a stellar event. We heard over and over from our guests the same thing, which was, "This was the nicest wedding we have ever been to." Frankly speaking, us too. It was perfect and everything we dreamed of for our day.

It can't be left without saying what a terrific job done on the part of Cheryl Donovan, our wedding coordinator. I personally call her, Saint Cheryl. My eyes tear up when I think about what a great job she did for us, again, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure an amazing issue-free event. She is loving, supportive, organized and truly connects with her brides. You feel like you have known her for years and she makes you feel like your wedding is as important to her as it is to you, truly. This isn't just a job for her, but a critical role that she takes very seriously. She is very empathic and understands what her bride is feeling like at every stage, reassuring the bride. She gives you everything you need from support to impeccable organization to make sure everything is again...perfect. It was almost as if she knew what I was thinking, and gave me what I needed before I ever had to ask. When my sash was missing from my wedding dress, she literally saved my wedding day with the extra ribbon in her bag to tie me into my corset for my dress. In the words of my bridesmaid, "How does anyone even get married without Cheryl?" Frankly, I don't know, but I am glad that I didn't have to. My recommendation for any future bride is to absolutely contract for a wedding coordinator for the rehearsal dinner, as well as the wedding. I, also, questioned how much of a benefit this was really going to be, but at 2 weeks out, everything is big whirlwind. You need someone on top of your vendors and confirming your appointments. You need your rehearsal dinner planned and your family is going to be too stressed out as well to have this handled. Leave this night to the pros as well and have a hassle-free day before your wedding. We were very grateful that Emerald City was able to add on this service for us, as Cheryl took complete control of our rehearsal night. This ensured our ceremony was flawless, which it would certainly not have been without this additional service from Emerald City and Cheryl Donovan.

As you consider your vendors, if you have a high attention to detail, highly critical expectations, and will settle for nothing but perfect, Emerald City is your vendor for all of your event needs. We received nothing but compliments and accolades from all of our guests and if you go with this vendor, I guarantee you will have a similar experience. In the words of our hotel wedding vendor onsite at the hotel, "Emerald City is the best. Whenever the wedding is done by them, I always breathe a sigh of relief because I know everything is going to be perfect." That is coming from someone with a decade of doing weddings in the Metro-Detroit area.

I am a bride, 1 week out from my wedding, and simply beyond thrilled with my Emerald City experience. I offer my personal contact information below for any bride to reach out for a real recommendation of a job well done and expectations over exceeded. My hope is that every bride goes with this great company and can beam away a week from her wedding, just as happy as can be as I am with the stunning accomplishments of a company that made it all happen.

With deepest gratitude and respect,

-Suzanne, Bride


Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to say thank you for making our day so perfect. You were everything I needed and I can't imagine not having you there. I know you were working, but I hope you enjoyed it too.

Thanks again!

- Meagan, Bride

Emerald City Designs is your one-stop-shop for all your event chairs needs! We'd love to help make your next special event a beautiful day that you'll remember forever. Contact us today to learn more, and speak with a party planning expert!